Welcome to fantasy F1 2011!

Yahoo withdrew their Fantasy F1 game in 2010 and it hasn't returned (as promised) this year. A new alternative will be sought for the 2012 season.

The 8th season of Scrap Heap Fantasy F1 is open for registration until March 1- maxlinks (Phil Clark) is the defending champion from 2009.

The league will once again be played using Yahoo's Fantasy F1 game - the first race is in March.


LINKS : Wikipedia F1 Portal -- F1.com -- BBC F1 section -- ITV F1 Coverage

League Format

The league consists of two sections:

  • Races 1-8 will be used to as a qualifying competition. The top 32 teams will continue to the first knockout round. Teams placed 33 or lower at the end of this period will be removed from the group. 
  • The remaining teams are seeded using their ranking in the qualifying stage. This gives us a set of head-to-head matches, with seed 1 playing seed 32, 2 v 31, 3 v 30, etc. The matches last for two races (except the semi final and final, which will each be over 3 races), with the winner progressing to the next round. In total there are five rounds of head-to-head action over races 9 to 20, after which we will have a champion!
  • Managers will then be ranked on their performance in the competition in order to determine the points awarded in the 2009 Scrap Heap Championship. Points will be awarded according to points scale A.


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