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Welcome to Fantasy NHL!


Frosty Mugs won the 2016-17 edition of Scrap Heap NHL. To be in with a chance of taking their crown, register here in the summer!

The league will accommodate up to 64 teams. The first 48 teams will be guaranteed places and teams will then be added in batches of 8 (2 teams per league) as necessary, up to the 64-team maximum. Places will be in high demand so make sure you register today!


Click here for a list of registered managers (registration period only).


The league will once again be played using Yahoo's Fantasy Hockey game.



  • Rules

    Want to know how Scrap Heap NHL is run, the league settings, playoff qualification and trade details? Look here!

  • Regular Season

    Regular season standings, click below to access your league.

  • Playoffs

    32 teams will make it through to the playoffs. Which team will survive the battle to be crowned this year's champion?