Welcome to Scrap Heap Euro 2012!

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championships (EURO 2012) will take place in Poland and Ukraine in the summer of 2012. 16 teams will participate in the tournament, which will run from June 8 to July 1.

Scrap Heap EURO 2012 is a pick'em game in which each player predicts the result of all 31 matches in the tournament.

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League Format

EURO 2012 Format

  • The first round sees the 16 teams split in to four groups of four teams and is played in a round-robin format. The winner of each game receives three points, 1 point each for a draw and zero for a loss. After each team has played the others in their group, the top two countries will progress to the knockout stages.
  • The knockout stages sees the qualifiers from the group stage play in a series of elimination matches to determine the tournament winner. Each tie is played over 90 minutes with extra time and penalties where necessary.

Fantasy Game Rules

  • Pick the results of all 24 group stage matches and the tiebreakers before the first game on June 7.
  • Pick forms for subsequent rounds will be made available as soon as possible. The deadlines for the knockout rounds will be posted to the Yahoo Group.
  • Picks for an individual game can be changed until kickoff, but the tie-breakers cannot be changed once the tournament starts. Email the commissioner to change your picks.
  • 10 points are scored for a correct pick in the group stage, 20 points in the quarter finals, 30 points in the semi finals and 40 points in the final. It's 0 for an incorrect pick throughout the tournament.
  • The first tiebreaker is a prediction of the total goals scored in all of the matches in the 2008 tournament. Tie breaker 2 is a prediction of the highest scoring team in the tournament. Tie breaker 3 is a prediction of the highest goalscoring player in the tournament.